Meet me, meet my apron!

Believe me, this photo is not a true representation of how I usually look whilst in my kitchen. I look as though I am calmly pondering what I might perhaps create from what ingredients I can cobble together from the larder, and as though I have all the time in the world to stand and contemplate. Oh no. And I don't possess a larder!

I am a very busy, though I often don't know what with, stay at home mother of two very boisterous boys, and wife of one wonderful husband, and I am constantly wearing my apron! It's a standing joke that my husband will fit in as many cuddles as possible whenever he spots me without it on, and my littlest boy is always tugging at the strings and asking me to take it off! I plan my weeks meals in a notebook every Sunday afternoon, and religiously visit Tesco every Monday morning without fail to do the weekly shop. I love experimenting with new and different ingredients, and expect the rest of the family to share in this enjoyment. Well, it's rather forced upon them to be honest, so they don't have much choice! My experimentation is not always appreciated, and the husb can often be heard to say, "I'd really like a hearty meal one day." Oh, ok then! Joking aside, cooking in this way has meant my boys have tried a multitude of ingredients which other children their age may not have been exposed to, and has hopefully contributed towards neither of them being fussy eaters.

The name of my blog comes from the constant solace I seek in my kitchen, at the various times of food preparation during the day. It is a place where I can feel calm amidst the constant bombardment of young children. Cooking has to be done in order, and I love to co-ordinate timings, ensuring every aspect of a meal is as fresh as possible. I love to show my boys what ingredients are being added and how I'm preparing them. But baking with them, well, frustrating doesn't cut it!

Friends are always amazed at how I manage to fit in so much cooking, so I want to share how I do it, what sorts of recipes I tend towards, and how I plan so I can do it. But really, cooking does keep me sane because I can rely on the fact that, at pretty much 4.50pm every day (for a regular meal preparation length) I can start doing something I really enjoy, even if I have been stopping fights, playing children's games and otherwise entertaining children, whilst trying to fit in the multitude of housework that needs to be done.

I hope I can spread some enthusiasm for new foods, processes and experimentation.

Enjoy your kitchen, it's a joyful place to be!

x Sam

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  1. In total agreement with you Sam - whilst I don't have the stresses of children to juggle just yet, my kitchen is my happy place :) If I'm stressed, I cook - if I'm poorly, I cook - if I'm bored/upset/excited/happy I want to cook! :D xxx


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